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Matched Pattern is a boutique software development consultancy located in Columbus, Ohio.

We bring over 40 years of direct technical experience by industry leaders to the table, with specialization in web applications written in Ruby, Elixir, and Javascript. We have the expertise to help, extend, deploy, scale and maintain your application. We've seen it all and will help you make sense of it. No hassles; only open communication and honesty.

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Matt Darby

CEO & Founder

I’ve developed on the web for 20 years and have consulted for the last ten years. I can take most any idea and make it functional. I can configure pools of servers, architect and develop the applications on those servers, and make it all look good (and run). Before launching Matched Pattern I was a Senior Developer at Rackspace and Professor at Franklin University. I hold a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and I’ve lead the 500+ members of the Columbus Ruby Brigade for the last six years. I’ve launched projects for folks like Rackspace, AT&T, Sprint, Digitas, LivingSocial and SeoMoz to local engineering and consulting firms.

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Our mission is to translate your vision into a functional product while having fun.

It's that simple. Matched Pattern is able to do this by being deeply involved in the programming community. We're always at conferences to keep our fingers on the pulse of the industry. We have a love of teaching; helping others to mature as developers and human beings.

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While our team is fluent in a number of languages, Matched Pattern has adopted a focus on Elixir. Elixir is a dynamic functional language, perfect for developing fast, maintainable, and readily scalable applications. The code runs inside lightweight “processes”. Thanks to Elixir’s efficiency, hundreds of thousands of processes can run concurrently on a single machine. Processes can also communicate across multiple machines on a network to allow for easy horizontal scaling.

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Elixir runs on the Phoenix web framework, which offers real-time streaming technology or “channels” for sending and receiving messages. With Phoenix, neither the sender nor the recipient are limited to Elixir processes; they could be an iOS application, a JavaScript client, or one of a number of other options. Phoenix channels also allow for multiple receivers to be associated with a single sender.


Matched Pattern focuses on the React JavaScript library for building the user interface (UI) of your application. New features can be developed in React without rewriting existing code, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of the development process. Reactive Programming allows the developer to update select elements of the UI as the data changes, which makes the project code more predictable and easier to debug.

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We’ve chosen GraphQL for our tech stack to enhance the flexibility of your API and simplify the way API consumers interact with it. Because GraphQL allows the consumer to request just the data they need, in the shape they need, the total number of API requests goes down. Your API consumers get exactly what they need, and only what they need.


Ruby on Rails offers the power of individually tuned and distributed applications with the simplicity of a single, integrated system. Ruby is a dynamic programming language that balances functional programming with imperative programming. Rails is an open-source web framework with a global contributor base that has helped it evolve since its initial release in 2004.


JavaScript is a cross-platform scripting language that was originally conceived to make web pages interactive for the end user. JavaScript has recently undergone numerous changes which have been readily adopted by the programmer community and accommodated by browser vendors. This ubiquitous language is now applicable to a number of other platforms and cross-platform native/desktop applications.


Elixir is massively powerful due to the Erlang VM. Erlang has been an industry standard programming language for over 30 years, with a strong presence in banking, e-commerce, telecoms, instant messaging applications and more. It is chosen for its ability to run soft-real time, low-latency, distributed and fault-tolerant systems, while offering a high degree of scalability. It is also highly useful in web development and the embedded software domain.


Matched Pattern capitalizes on the world’s most advanced open-source database: PostgreSQL. This enterprise-class database runs on all major operating systems and has earned a reputation for its reliability, data integrity and correctness. PostgreSQL supports the storage of large objects like video and photo data, and is easily scalable with respect to both data quantity and number of concurrent users.

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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on how Matched Pattern can assist you.

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Jon Canady

Senior Project Manager

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Brian Crosby

Senior Developer

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Herman Singh

Senior Developer

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Melissa Queen-Darby

Executive Assistant

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Matt Darby

CEO & Founder

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Personal attention

We're a small shop; that allows us to focus on you and your project. You'll work with devs that match your needs.


We believe in open communication between our employees and clients. We can access any codebase and honestly recommend a few courses of action.


We take community and mentoring seriously. From Open Source to higher education to local user groups; we give back!

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Sue H.


We contracted Matt several years ago to design and implement a replacement ticketing system for our technicians to use internally and for customers to access via the web. This was a complex equipment tracking, technician tracking and customer relationships project that became a significant undertaking on Matt's behalf as well as our own but he managed it very successfully from start to finish. I'd highly recommend him for any project, his attention to detail and turn around time for us has been exceptional in every regard.

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Anne H.

Project Manager

You guys are the best team I have worked with in almost 9 years of this.

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Corey G.


Matt has extreme focus. There is no question that he knows what needs to be done and then executes to get it completed. The beautiful thing is that he’s been a educator within the technology community so much along with leading teams of developers in the past that he has my complete trust to take a project and run with it.

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Mike D.

Managing Director

Despite my protestations to the contrary, it should be noted that you are in fact awesome.

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David S.


We hired Brian for work on our Ruby web application. Brian was as thorough as it gets as a developer, his aim is to build things the right way with a solid foundation and a smart process for release. He helped us clean up and manage the system, and provide systems for keeping things in order as we moved forward. If you're looking for someone who won't take shortcuts to get it done right, Brian is your guy.

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Erica A.

VP of Membership

[Matched Pattern] has been instrumental in organizing our new feature releases and coordinating deploys among 3 other remote staff helping to build out the complete infrastructure of expansion into multiple markets. They manage to maintain impressive responsiveness and clear communication with our team without losing any efficiency of their diligence. Because we are a small team without in house development, their critical thinking and creative problem solving has been a life saver to help us move quickly but without losing usability to our members.

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